• Mission

    Bright creates solutions to problems that result from the lack of information and communication in the field of health. Having the patient as the main target, we design information platforms, in both physical and digital devices, that enlighten and accompany him through the course of the disease, inside and outside of the hospital context.

  • Validation

    In order to guarantee scientific accuracy and precision in the transmission of the information, Bright’s team responsible for the scientific content works side to side with specialists of the health institutions that welcome our projects. All the information goes through a thorough medical validation.
  • Approach

    The diverse and complete vision that a multidisciplinary team has, guarantees us a unique approach in the search of resolution for communication problems. At Bright we don’t want to find universal solutions, but specific solutions adapted to particular problems, having into account each patient, medical specialty or the reality of the health institution.

Our Partners

  • Our Partners

  • UP
  • White Studio
  • Ordem dos Nutricionistas
  • Fundação Rui Osório de Castro
  • Acreditar